Father's Day Fun

June 2016

It’s Dad’s special day and there’s so much more that you can give him than another tie.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that venerable tradition, but a little creativity and planning can make the day even more memorable for everyone.

Think About Dad First

The most important thing to remember when planning for Father’s Day is… Dad himself! Whether you’re helping your children celebrate their father, celebrating your own or honoring some other special Dad in your life, be sure to focus on his preferences, habits, likes and dislikes when considering activities, gifts, meal plans, and other fun for the day.


Personal Cards and Gifts

If you’re helping your kids express their appreciation to their father, consider helping them make cards and small gifts for him, supplemented by something special from you. Pinterest has tons of great ideas for DIY cards and blueprints for loving home made gifts that can be made by people of every age and skill level.


Fun and Games

Family activities for Father’s Day can be as simple as a backyard barbecue or games at a nearby park.  If your family likes going on an outing think about an activity that lets the family interact and engage with each other (go karting, zoos, amusement parks, fishing, baseball games, camping, paintball), and make sure it matches up with Dad’s interests. If the outing can be tied to a gift (a new fishing pole, paintball gear or baseball glove), both elements will be that much more memorable.

If you decide to spend the day close to home, do things together for part of the time: play catch or tag in the backyard or a nearby park, break out some board games, take a bike ride or make crafts together.

However you choose to spend the day, take lots of pictures while the fun is happening and create a fun scrapbook.


Dining With Dad

What are his favorites? Within reason and your budget, make this day about his loves! Burgers, steaks, seafood, tapas, or gourmet coffee – whatever he likes, this is his day to indulge!  Consider food that can be made as a family fun event such as a taco night or burger and sundae bars.

Great dads – like yours – deserve to be celebrated. Spending time together makes it special for the whole family.