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November 2015

Last week, I was trapped in car line grid lock to pick up Lainey with fifteen minutes left before the bell rang. Dash was tired and hungry, and I hadn’t thought to grab anything when I frantically swept up the little ones and ran out the door. Try telling a two-year-old that there’s nothing for him to eat while he’s strapped in a car seat of a parked car. People in other cars started looking over, his screams transferring from window glass to window glass, and I did what any self-respecting mom would do. I smiled the famous nothing-to-see-here mom grin while desperately scanning the floor for a rogue piece of Halloween candy, a stale Fruit Loop, a leftover Goldfish cracker that may have escaped an old lunch box. On any other given day, I could have scraped together a Thanksgiving feast from the floor of my car, but my dad surprised me and cleaned it when he watched my kids. Nothing. Not even a petrified nugget. If crash dummy trials test a car for its strength, then this! This is the patience trial for motherhood. Thinking of having kids? Think you can dance? Foodless minivan. Hungry kid. Stopped traffic. 15 minutes on the stop watch. Ready, go.

Sanity a bare thread from snapping, I thought to look in my purse, hoping for at least a too-minty piece of gum that would possibly buy me 30 seconds of distraction before the too-minty part set in. Mom time is like dog years: 30 seconds equals 4 hours, I’ll take it. I dug around for a bit, past the crumpled receipts, under the tangled mess of airplane headphone cords and four pairs of cheap sunglasses and there. Behold. Was the savior. Like literally the saver of my soul: a bag of Go Organically® Fruit Snacks. Sanity in a bag. I heard the chorus of angels, my heart slipped out of tachycardia, a calm seemed to settle over the car line.

“Hey buddy!” as if I knew I had them all along, “Look! Fruit snacks.”

Below the snot stream…a smile. And all was right with the world.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I went to a baby shower a couple weeks ago where we all left bits of advice on index cards for the expecting mom, and I wrote something about trusting that your kids only need you–just as you are, in the moment–nothing else. I take it all back now.

Do over. New card. New advice.

Dear New Moms,

Listen up, here’s what you do. Buy a box of fruit snacks. Head to your car and hide them, one at a time. Shove one in the glove compartment, the back seat pocket of the driver’s seat, put one in your purse. Tuck one under the floor mat, wedge one under the spare tire. Got an umbrella? Cram one up in there too. Sunglass holder, front console, side door pocket, hell–duct tape one under the fender. This won’t make any sense now, but it will all come together later. Trust me and you’re welcome. Oh and while you’re in there, slip a diaper under the car jack. Doesn’t matter what size, you’ll make it fit when you’re desperate.

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The folks at Go Organically® are helping you out for this mission by providing yummy better-for-you USDA-certified organic fruit snacks that are made with real fruit and are preservative-free. They come in three varieties – Fruit Medley, Mixed Berry and Tropical – and my kids love them.

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And since practical motherhood advice should involve double uses of things (strap a diaper over your camera to protect the lens!), let me tell you what else you can use Go Organically® Fruit Snacks for: learning.

We use fruit snacks with Nella and Dash to practice counting…

snacks 6_zps4svt7wmn


snacks 5_zps0jsggjne

…and sorting.

snacks 7_zps3vis8nj8

And if your Hi-Ho Cherry-O game is missing all the cherries? Switch them out for fruit snacks, and winner eats them all.

To find Go Organically® at a store near you, visit the store locator and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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