5 Reasons Why You Need a Mom Tribe

May 2017

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but we think it takes a village to keep it together as a mom! Once you find a group of like-minded mom friends—aka your mom tribe—you’ll experience support, camaraderie and laughter like never before. Here are our five reasons why mom tribes rule.

1. They won’t judge you.

Car upholstery coated in cracker crumbs? Purse filled with crumpled receipts and stray, lint-covered fruit snacks? It’s all good. Your mom tribe understands that #momlife is crazy and it’s impossible to be perfectly polished all the time. You don’t even need to utter disclaimers like, “Ignore my messy house” or “Please excuse my appearance.” They already get it. And they don’t give it a second thought.

2. They make you feel beautiful.

Only your mom tribe could tell you how good you look when you’re wearing your unwashed hair in a makeshift bun and you miiiight be sporting the same yoga pants from yesterday. They remind you your stretch marks are tiger stripes—you’ve earned ’em!—and they graciously ignore your under eye bags, chipped nails and stress-induced blemishes. They let you be your raw, unfiltered self. Unless we’re talking about Instagram, in which case we ALWAYS require flattering filters.

3. They provide backup.

Few things are worse than that heart-in-the-throat feeling of being stuck in traffic and unable to make it to pick-up on time. Your mom tribe will pinch hit without question, swooping in to cover for you when you need it most. It’s assumed you’ll be each other’s go-to emergency contact for every camp, sport and activity. They’ll even offer to watch your kids so you can go have a much-needed date night with your partner.

4. They act as human sticky notes.

Who needs a calendar when you have your mom tribe? They’ll remind you to make brownies for the bake sale before sending you their favorite school-friendly, nut free recipe. They’ll text you to make sure you don’t forget it’s PJ Day/Superhero Day/Orange Shirt Day or whatever theme day has been invented to drive us all bonkers. Kidding! Gooooo, spirit week!

5. They hold you accountable.

When it comes to personal goals, we all need gentle reminders to stay on track. A supportive mom tribe will be there to make sure you achieve whatever it is you’ve set out to do—whether it’s get fit, go gluten free, adopt a more organic, non gmo lifestyle, go back to school, or start a business. They’ll ask for updates (without prying), offer to be your workout buddy (without shaming), and send you relevant articles to help you along the way (without nagging). Think cheerleader—not drill sergeant.

Mom tribes forever!