8 Reasons Why #MomLife Rules

May 2018

Hey, mama—you deserve major props this Mother’s Day! After all, raising little kids can be challenging and exhausting, even on our best days. Thankfully, there are a WHOLE bunch of reasons why #momlife makes us smile. So let’s celebrate ourselves by reflecting on some of our favorite momhood perks!

1. Simple pleasures. As moms, we have countless opportunities to remember that our days don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. Licking an ice cream cone before it drips on our clothes. Sitting barefoot in the grass and blowing bubbles. Combing the beach for seashells. Here’s to embracing the bliss!

2. Mom friends. It can be hard to make friends as a grownup. Having similarly-aged kids helps us forge an instant bond with women we may have otherwise never met. And if we’re lucky, they may even become members of our mom tribe!

3. Teaching. Mother knows best—literally! As moms, we’re able to bestow our wisdom and life experiences upon another human being, making all our trials and detours well worth it. After all, no one can give advice quite like a mom.

4. Holidays. Once we’re parents, holidays tend to take on a renewed sense of wonder. From dressing up for Halloween to making homemade Valentines to watching our kids tear open presents at lightning speed, there’s a certain renewed magic throughout every special occasion.

5. A mini companion. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or an evening on the sofa watching a movie, we moms get to have little sidekicks for life’s everyday moments. And the older our kids get, the more the conversation will blossom!

6. Reliving childhood. To instantly feel like a kid again, simply crawl inside that bounce house, build that sand castle or climb that tree. As moms, we have so many awesome opportunities to channel our inner child. And if anyone deserves to feel that joy, it’s us!

7. Confidence. There’s something about creating and birthing another human being that reinforces just how awesome we can be. Motherhood gives us self-assuredness in our choices and an inner glow that says: “We’ve got this!”

8. A built-in cuddle buddy. From their sweet little voices and innocent grins to their tiny hands and pudgy toes, kids have a way of crawling inside our hearts and taking up permanent residence. And as long as they still want to cuddle, we are totally down!


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