How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

May 2017

Although trips to the beach aren’t QUITE as relaxing with kids in tow, we never pass up an opportunity to spend a few hours with our toes in the sand and a book in our hand. The only part we don’t like? THE STUFF. Hauling endless armfuls of supplies from house to car to sand and back again is not our idea of a good time. Which is why we’ve gotten the whole packing-a-beach-bag thing down to a science. It’s all about smart planning and sticking to the essentials! So to kick off beach season, here are our tips for packing the perfect, streamlined beach bag.

1. Bag

Choose a bag with sturdy fabric such as nylon or canvas—preferably treated with a waterproof coating. While the style of bag is totally up to you, just make sure it’s roomy and has a few pockets for easier organizing. Many use a traditional tote, which has a large opening and stands on its own easily. But a large backpack or duffel works just as well.

2. Towel

Fold or roll your beach towel as tightly as you can, and place it at the bottom of your bag to serve as a base. Consider investing in a thin, microfiber travel towel, which dries just as well with a lot less bulk.

3. Sun Protection

Place your favorite natural, mineral-based sunscreen in a side pocket in case of accidental spillage. Better yet, seal it in a plastic zip-top bag. Wear your hat and sunglasses if you can to save valuable bag space. Don’t forget SPF-infused lip balm to protect your smile!

4. Small Zippered Pouch

We like to pack a small cosmetic case for personal items such as keys, medication, and cash. Who wants to take along a wallet or handbag and risk it getting wet or stolen? Think of it as your “mini purse” inside your beach bag.

5. Snacks

Rather than bother with a heavy cooler, we opt to keep it simple with light, non-messy snacks that don’t require refrigeration. Think pretzels, nuts, granola bars, and of course, Go Organically Organic Fruit Snacks. Not only are they certified organic, non gmo and preservative free, but they come in individual pouches for ultimate portability. Just grab and go! Tip: Stash snacks in a lunch box inside your larger bag.

6. Water Bottle

Hydration is key! But we never like to pay for an overpriced bottle of water from the concession stand. Take along your favorite reusable water bottle to be kind to the planet and your wallet. To keep your water cold, add a few ice cubes before you leave the house, or fill the bottle halfway and freeze it (if it’s freezer-friendly) before topping it off with water from the tap. If you’re worried about your bottle sweating, wrap it in a plastic grocery bag, which you can later re-use for trash or wet swimsuits.

7. Entertainment

Bring along whatever puts you in your happy place—a breezy new book, a trendy tablet game or your favorite celebrity weekly. This is your downtime, so embrace it! Kids tend to be happy splashing in the waves or collecting shells, so keep their entertainment to a minimum. A simple pail and shovel should do just fine.

Here’s to beach season!