School Lunches: A Chore No More!

August 2017

Back to school means back to lunches! And while we love sending our kiddos off with a personally packed lunchbox, we have to admit that sometimes lunch making can feel like a chore. To streamline the process, we put together this handy back-to-school lunch guide, packed with smart tips and fun ideas to get the school year off to a yummy start!


  1. Embrace Sunday Night Prep

Crush the lunch game by taking some time on Sunday night to plan the week ahead. Wash and chop veggies, refrigerate juice boxes, portion out snacks into individual baggies, or cook a make-ahead main course like pasta and meatballs.


  1. Skip the Sandwich

We love a good sandwich just as much as anyone else, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up with some non-sandwich ideas! Fill an insulated thermos or stainless steel jar with hot, homemade favorites like soup or chili. Make a cold salad with quinoa, beans and veggies. Or create your very own organic “lunch kit” with ham, cheese and crackers. Our video tutorial is here! (If you have a gluten-free kid, just swap the crackers for mini rice cakes.)


  1. Make Bentos Your Bestie

Sectioned storage containers or “bento boxes” are trendy for a reason. They let you get creative by packing a variety of large and bite-sized munchies, along with fun dips. Some of our favorites? Cut-up fresh fruit with a side of Greek yogurt for dipping, or baby carrots and celery sticks with hummus. You can also designate a section of the bento for packaged items, like Go Organically fruit snacks, a great nut-free choice for school.


  1. Corral Those Containers

Speaking of storage containers, if you’re anything like us, you can never find the right lid for the container you want to use. And when you’re running late in the morning, it’s even more frustrating. A little organization goes a long way! At the beginning of the school year, go through all your containers and purge any nonmatching pieces. Keep only the sets you’ll actually use and buy two dollar store bins—one for containers and one for lids. The other method is to nest the containers inside each other and stack the lids separately.


  1. Call in an Assist

Getting older kids involved in the lunch-making process serves two purposes: It makes them feel special and puts less of the burden on you. Ask kids to do simple tasks like wash fresh fruit, bag sandwiches or re-freeze ice packs. They’ll know this is their “job” and will eventually do it without asking. We can hope, anyway!


  1. Create a Snack Jar

Rather than keep packaged snacks in their separate boxes inside the pantry, create a snack jar for your countertop. Take a large, clear jar and fill it with individual sized bags of pretzels, popcorn or veggie straws so your kids can easily identify what they want and grab it to go. Be sure to include Go Organically organic fruit snacks. These dairy-free kids snacks are a tasty option your little ones will love.


Happy lunch making! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more meal and snack ideas.